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Due to current Coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, BCA has temporarily closed most of our service locations and modified our programs to ensure the health and well-being of our staff and clients. We will continue to monitor and provide program updates on our website. Below are our program updates and useful information about COVID-19:
If you have any questions, please call our hotline: 718-438-0008


Early Childhood Education  幼兒教育服務

Starting March 23, 2020, we have closed all our centers until further notice and started remote learning. If your child is enrolled in one of our programs and yet to receive login information or need technical support, please contact your family worker or call our hotline: 718-438-0008


After School Programs  課後補習班

All our programs are suspended until school resumes. We will begin our remote learning live session very soon and all our students will be contacted and given related information. In the interim, please click below link for some online learning resources. In addition, please email our site supervisors for specific questions about our programs. Please click here


Department of Education is offering assistance to any students who do not have access to the internet or a computer at home. Please see below for detail.
紐約市教育局對所有在家中沒有電腦或互聯網的學生提供以下協助。Please click here   請按這裡

After School online class login information and instruction.
課後補習班網上教學登入資料及指示。Please click here   請按這裡

PS 69 Shirly Li ps69bca@gmail.com        
PS 97 Vivian Ma ps97bca@gmail.com        
PS 105 Yulissa Chung youth@bca.net        
PS 160 Skye Li youth@bca.net        
PS 205 Kim Chan ps205bca@gmail.com        
PS 206 Jennifer Chan ps206@bca.net        

Adult Literacy  成人教育

Starting March 23, 2020, all classes are taught remotely via Zoom. There are total of 12 classes with different levels during the day from Monday to Friday. We understand that many applicants were not selected due to limited seat for each class. We decided to share all these live sessions with the general public who are interested in learning English while staying home. If you are interested, please email to esol@bca.net to receive the links for those classes.

從2020年3月23日起,所有英文班將於網上授課。星期一至五每天均有不同級別,合共12節課堂。因為名額有限,本會不能錄取所有日前之報名人士。我們特意藉此機會開放全部網上課堂。有興趣者,請從速電郵給 esol@bca.net 索取網上教學的登入資料。

Social Services  社會服務

Our main office is closed until further notice. In the meantime, if you have any questions about COVID-19, social security entitlements, immigration, housing, crime victims' assistance, medical insurance or other related issues, please call our hotline: 718-438-0008

本會總辦事處已暫時關閉直至另行通知為止。如你需要以下服務: COVID-19疫情資訊、社會安全局福利、移民入籍、房屋、罪案受害人、醫療保險或其他相關問題,請致電熱線電話:718-438-0008

Senior Services  老人服務

Our 6th Avenue Senior Center remains open, however, in-person social engagement is not allowed. In order to help our fellow senior citizens to get through this difficult time, we will provide online resources for exercise, English learning, technology learning and entertainment. Please click below link. Please click here


Census 人口普查

Your 10 Minutes Bring US Resources for the Next 10 Years

Enter For A Chance to Win Grand Prizes

The ongoing 2020 US Census has started on March 12th. To promote active participation in the 2020 Census, BCA is now holding a Census Raffle. Anyone who wishes to enter shall complete the online Census questionnaire and save a screenshot or take a picture of their confirmation page as proof of evidence. You will be asked to provide the screenshot or the picture to enter the raffle. By spending just ten minutes completing the 2020 Census, you can help our community secure the necessary funds for health care, public education and housing, roads and bridges, and many other programs. Join in by 9/18/2020 for a chance to win exciting prizes, including

Top Prize: $2,500 in Cash (1 person)

Second Prize: $1,500 in Cash (1 person)

Third Prize: $1,000 in Cash (1 person)

Fourth Prize: $200 Amazon Gift Card (10 people)

Fifth Prize: $100 Amazon Gift Card (20 people)

Raffle Winners will be announced on September 21st.

BCA encourages everyone to get counted in the 2020 Census by filling out the Census questionnaire. Each person counted will bring approximately $37,000 in federal funding into our community over the next ten years, securing the much-needed resources for and improving the living conditions of Brooklyn neighborhoods. Asian New Yorkers are experiencing tremendous challenges on many levels in the face of COVID-19. By participating in the Census, we are sharing our voices so our urgent needs can be adequately addressed, and federal and local governments will be better equipped to improve public safety and emergency preparedness. Please click here





頭等獎:現金 $2,500(1位)

二等獎:現金 $1,500(1位)

三等獎:現金 $1,000(1位)

四等獎:Amazon 禮物卡$200(10位)

五等獎:Amazon 禮物卡$100(20位)


布祿崙華人協會誠意邀請社區居民花十分鐘回答幾個有關家庭人口的簡單問題,幫助我們的社區在未來十年内享有更多民生福利、教學資源、長者服務和更理想的區内環境,更可獲得抽獎機會贏得豐富獎金和獎品 ! 請按這裡

Information on Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)2019冠狀病毒病(COVID-19)資訊Enter Your Zip Code to See COVID Community Vulnerability Map輸入你的郵區編號以查看COVID社區漏洞圖

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