Community Development Projects

Since its inception, we have been initiating and organizing community development as well as neighborhood revitalization projects. We play a special role in the community because, as a part of the community, it understands and directly addresses the unique challenges specific to the Asian-American community in Southern Brooklyn, whether that be educating newly arrived immigrants or helping to overcome language and cultural barriers. In collaboration with government agencies, corporate entities, and other non-profit organizations, We have helped established various projects and events across Southern Brooklyn, including several recurring ones:

  • Annual Chinese New Year Parade
  • Annual Millennial RoundTable Celebration
  • Community Clean-up Campaign
  • Community Town Hall Meetings
  • United States Census
  • Workshops and presentations open to the general public

Location: 5000 8th Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11220
Telephone: (718) 438-0008
Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9:00AM–5:00PM